We believe that each patient deserves a completely customized treatment plan that is designed specifically for her or his situation. For instance, for those trying to get pregnant, IVF may or may not be a part of their treatment plan. Therefore, pricing for each patient’s course of treatment will vary from patient to patient.

To get the most accurate pricing, a complete treatment plan must first be determined during your initial consultation with our fertility doctor. During the initial consultation, your doctor will thoroughly review your medical history, possibly perform some tests, and discuss your questions and concerns in order to determine the course of treatment for the best possible outcomes for your situation.

We are committed to providing the highest quality care while still offering competitive prices. Our initial consultation cost is $225 and includes one-on-one visit with your fertility doctor and dedicated patient coordinator. Additional tests that may be conducted during this visit may require separate fees. Your patient coordinator will consult with you on the financial details during your first visit. To learn more about what to expect during your first visit, click here.

Please call CHA Fertility Center today at 323.525.3377 or go to contact us to schedule your initial consultation appointment or for prices.


Package Description
IUI Insemination & Monitoring
Egg Freezing Egg Retrieval, Anesthesia, Egg Treatment & Laboratory, & All Monitoring
First year of egg/embryo storage fee
Mini IVF ICSI, PGS, Embryo Freezing, Anesthesia & All Monitoring *3 Cycle

*Special Package Deals

Monthly payment options are available upon request.
Multi-cycle pricing options are available upon request through a financing company.
* Not included in this estimate: pre-cycle screening & medication as these costs vary and are contingent upon the patient’s individual medical status.


Financial Options

We believe that building your family or preserving your fertility should be accessible to all. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


We also work with various financing companies in order to help with your financing needs. Each company offers different terms and conditions, so it is important for you to fully understand them and your responsibilities and choose the best option for yourself.

Example of a financing company:

Prosper Healthcare Lending (formerly American Healthcare Lending)

Discount Programs

For those demonstrating financial need for fertility services, there are programs we work with that offer discounts for fertility medications. Patients who qualify based on income or hardship may be eligible for discounts from 5% up to 75%.

To learn more about some of these programs, visit the following:

Compassionate Care by EMD Serono or call 1-855-541-5926

First Steps Program by DesignRx or call 1-855-672-9260

We understand that affording fertility treatments tends to be a concern for most patients. We are committed to making sure that you are given the resources to aid you in making your treatments as accessible and smooth as possible.


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