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Dr. Berger Discusses Fertility Issues on Andisheh TV Wednesdays at 8pm PT

August 3, 2016

Starting tonight at 8pm Pacific, Dr. Joshua Berger discusses fertility issues with legendary Dr. Ari Babaknia on Andisheh TV. This special program will run for a limited time.

Fertility Issues

Dr. Babaknia, one of the first IVF doctors in Orange County, asks our Medical Director fertility questions such as:

  • why infertility seems to be more prevalent in today’s world
  • the causes of infertility
  • when is the best time for a woman to get pregnant
  • egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation)
  • fertility treatment options
  • what is IVF and how it works
  • single embryo transfer and the risk of multiple births
  • endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • how genetic testing works and why it’s important
  • Other FAQs and more!

Fertility Issues - Andisheh TV program

Program Information

Called “Fruits of Life”, this new program will be broadcast in English and Farsi every Wednesday night at 8pm on Andisheh TV (Satellite TV Galaxy 19) from August 2 until the end of October.   The program will be aired again on Sundays at 4:30pm Pacific.

Online live streaming also available at the following sites:

Satellite information below:

  • US and Canada: Galaxy 19
    Frequency: 12084; Symbol: 22000; Vertical FIC 3/4
  • Europe and Asia: Yahsat
    Frequency: 12075; Symbol: 27500; Vertical FIC 7/8

About the Doctors

Dr. Joshua J. Berger serves as the Medical Director for CHA Fertility Center, Los Angeles. A trained reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist, Dr. Berger is dedicated to helping those who wish to start, grow or delay having a family. Learn more about Dr. Berger here.

Dr. Ari Babaknia, a legendary reproductive endocrinologist, was once featured on the cover of the Los Angeles Times for having one of the largest reunions of patients-turned-parents when IVF was still a fledgling assisted reproductive technology. Dr. Babaknia is a global humanitarian, author and advocate for human health and wellness.

dr babaknia reunion patients babies

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Ari Babaknia



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