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Easy-To-Make Meals for Your Pregnancy

February 7, 2018

Easy-To-Make Meals for Your Pregnancy

Simple Recipe Ideas for Busy Moms-To-Be


While you’re figuring out the do’s and don’ts of what you should eat while expecting and especially all those foods to avoid during pregnancy, it’s easy to forget that you’ll often feel too tired to get busy in the kitchen – especially during your exhausting first and final trimesters. But, it goes without saying that there´s never been a better time to eat well and cook from scratch. These healthy recipes offer all the nutrition you could want for you and your growing baby, but won’t have youslaving away for too long.


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    Dutch Apple Pie Granola Recipe

Start the day off right with this wholesome granola, which flirts with the flavors of traditional Dutch apple pie but is actually good for you and baby. It’s made with oats, almonds and flaxseed and happens to be free of gluten, lactose and refined sugars. And, with decent granola demanding prices upwards of $4 these days, think of all the money you’ll save that can better be used for the baby room. You might also want to try our Banana and Oatmeal Pancakes with Blackberry Sauce or our Breakfast Bowl with Anise-Honey Hangop & Fresh Fruits.

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    Spicy Broccoli and Pumpkin Salad Recipe

This ginger-spiced chili-spiked salad is just what you and baby need for lunch right now. It is a rich source of one of the most important nutrients required during pregnancy – iron – as well as the vitamin C needed to absorb it. Our tip for tired moms-to-be? Double up on the pumpkin for a head-start on tomorrow’s lunch or dinner (think Pumpkin Risotto or Pumpkin and Sage Pasta, for example). For more lunch salad ideas, try this Omega-Rich Smoked Mackerel Salad or this Barley Salad with Roasted Sesame Seeds & Aged Cumin Cheese Recipe.

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    Pan-Roasted Prawn Tartare Recipe Pan-Roasted Prawn Tartare Recipe

This terrific appetizer recipe evokes all the fresh, zesty flavor of a true tartare (traditionally, raw, finely chopped seafood or meat), which pregnant women may not consume for obvious health and safety reasons. The prawns are pan-seared and then flavored with herbs and sweet-and-sour pickles and spread on garlic-rubbed toast. Fans of shellfish should also try Scrambled Eggs with Shrimp.

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    Oven-Roasted Root Vegetables Recipe

You’ll want to cook this while pregnant and teach your partner how to make it while you’re recovering from delivery. It’s that easy, adaptable, delicious and nutritious. This recipe uses all those root vegetables that take so well to the Dutch soil; potatoes, carrots, celeriac and beets.Oven-roastingbrings out the natural sugars in the vegetables, giving them a sweet, caramelized taste without any added sugar and with very little fat. What’s more, you don’t need to peel the veg and the oven does all the slaving for you! Serve it as a side, or simply top with your favorite crumbly cheese.

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    Indo-Dutch Pork Stew Recipe

There is a way to still enjoy succulent meat dishes now that rare beef, lamb and duck are off the menu: simply go for stews that cook it low and slow. Don’t let the 3-hour cooking time scare you off: this Indonesian-inspired pork and soy sauce stew couldn’t be any easier. You see, slow doesn’t necessarily mean difficult – in fact, there’s very little preparation here – so let the pot do all the work while you go and put your feet up! Or, go the traditional Dutch route with our Delicious Draadjesvlees (Slow-Braised Beef) Recipe.

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    Roast Chicken with Chermola Recipe

Our easy entertaining secret, poussin – essentially just fancy roast chicken – is the simplest way to feed guests during your pregnancy. No fancy footwork or carving required! The baby chickens are brushed with a mouth-watering Moroccan marinade of cilantro, garlic, lemon, caraway seeds, paprika and cayenne pepper before being roasted in the oven. If you like this recipe, you should also try our Roasted Guinea Fowl with Tarragon Butter.

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    Traditional Dutch Brown Bean Soup Recipe

Filled with folate, an essential B vitamin that can help prevent certain types of birth defects, particularly neural tube defects (NTD), like spina bifida and anencephaly, this traditional Dutch bean soup is well worth adding to your pregnancy repertoire. Many pregnant women crave fresh, cool, sour flavors (hello pickles!) and this Super Simple Gazpacho is packed with full-on tomato goodness. Or try this zesty Black Bean, Orange and Chili Soup instead.

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    Cumin and Gouda Muffins Recipe

If you can muster the bravado to bake anything during your pregnancy, you know it’s going to be something that’s fully fuss-free. Muffins fit the bill nicely and we love these Oude Kaas and Cumin Muffins and Muffins with Aged Gouda cheese, Sun-Blanched Tomatoes and Parsley. If you have a sweet tooth, you simply must make our Orange and Banana Muffins for breakfast tomorrow.

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    Sauteed Curly Kale Recipe

In the Netherlands, we traditionally use boerenkool (curly kale) in boerenkoolstamppot, a ubiquitous – yet eternally comforting – mashed vegetable dish. Renowned Dutch chef and author Yolanda van der Jagt sautees curly kale with some chili and ginger for an easy vegetable side. You must also make our Penne with Kale Pesto Recipe and be sure to try our Scrambled Eggs with Cumin Cheese and Baby Kale for breakfast. Or, if kale’s not your thing, try our Glazed Cinnamon Carrots or Baked Butternut Squash with Speculaas & Chili.

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    Dutch Baby Pancake with Apple and Bacon Recipe

Who says you can’t have pancakes for dinner? You’re pregnant! In fact, in the Netherlands it’s quite the norm to eat pannenkoeken in the P.M. Hearty pancakes, such as our Bacon and Apple Pannenkoeken, are especially popular. But, when you’re pregnant, standing in front of a hot stove on swollen feet is not only tedious but can be downright torturous, too. That’s why we love this savory take on Dutch baby pancakes – all the oven-baked ease of the Pennsylvania Dutch original with the salty-sweet flavors we fancy.




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