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Fertility Cleansing for Men? Here Are 7 Reasons Why

February 28, 2018

Men, should you prepare for conception with a fertility cleanse? Ladies, should you encourage your man to cleanse for his fertility? The answer is Yes! Cleansing is a great way for a man to purify his body from toxin exposure, and renew reproductive health while he works on reducing poor lifestyle choices that harm fertility.

Fact: Men are more at risk for chemical exposure than women and often have riskier lifestyle habits that affect their fertility.

Male fertility technologies are limited in scope and do not address the nutritional and lifestyle factors which are linked to male fertility problems. Natural therapies like fertility cleansing are just as important for men as they are for women, here’s why.

Reasons why men want to cleanse for a fertility boost:

  1. Xenoestrogen exposure affects sperm count:The same xenoestrogens that affect female fertility affect male fertility. Evidence links xenoestrogens to low sperm count and prostate cancer. Following a cleanse helps the body detoxify from these chemicals and begin to rebalance male hormones.
  2. Increased chemical exposure on the job:Men are often more exposed to fertility-damaging chemicals through their jobs than women. Mechanics, painters, men who work in agriculture, the metal industry, or with industrial cleaning supplies, or radiation are hit the hardest. Following proper safety guidelines is critical. Fertility cleansing a few times a year can also help release toxins acquired from the workplace.
  3. Damaging lifestyle habits:Men who smoke cigarettes or marijuana, drink excessive alcohol, chew tobacco, or use recreational drugs are taking a risk with their fertility health. While many of these habits are done to relieve stress, they encourage free radical production, which harms sperm and the reproductive organs. A fertility cleanse helps eliminate toxins from drugs, smoking or alcohol, and also eases cravings for a lot of men.
  4. Low nutrition diet:Many men eat on the run and choose high fat, high protein meals to help cover their caloric needs. Yet, skipping fresh foods greatly reduces antioxidant intake, creating a strain on sperm health and quality, especially if other lifestyle choices are poor. A cleanse along with a Male Fertility Dietallows toxins to be released while fresh food intake is ramped up.
  5. Poor circulation: Impaired circulation and clogged arteries are primary factors in erectile dysfunction and poor libido in men. Sluggish circulation leads to a lack of vital energy, sexual performance issues and an overall decline in reproductive functioning. A cleanse reinvigorates circulation while speeding up the release of toxins.
  6. Digestive problems:When men struggle with eating choices, they also experience digestive problems; gas, heartburn, constipation and IBS symptoms. When the digestive system is under stress, the nutrients that promote male fertility are not absorbed well. A cleanse improves digestion and eliminates congesting foods that are holding back your fertility success.
  7. Liver stress:Liver issues are more common in men than women, in part related to lifestyle choices. The liver is the body’s main organ of detoxification and is vital for fat and hormone metabolism. A cleanse revitalizes the liver, giving it an opportunity to recover and heal. Most men feel much better as the liver gets a break from poor food choices and chemical overload.

Don’t Skip Cleansing For Male Fertility

Whether in their prime or past 40, most men can benefit from a fertility cleanse. If you’re a woman reading this article, ask the man in your life whether he wants to try a cleanse. Many couples enjoy cleansing together, building their fertility and partnership at the same time. For men facing fertility challenges, a cleanse could be the missing link to improved health, energy and renewed fertility.



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