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Get Ready to have an “Earth Pig” Baby in 2019! The Clock is ticking

January 7, 2019

Chinese Pig Year is upon us! According to the lunar calendar, year of the pig begins on February 5, 2019 until January 24, 2020.  Babies born during this period is a “pig baby.”  Pig babies are born with envious blessings and wealth.    CHA Fertility Center in Los Angeles wishes to congratulate all of the expectant mothers who are pregnant with their “Pig Baby!” You have done it! Yay!! However, if you and your partner are still trying to get a “Pig Baby” in 2019 – please pay attention, you still have time but the clock is ticking.  You have until April 2019 to get pregnant with a pig baby. 

So why is a pig baby so fortuitous?  According to Chinese astrologers – those born under this sign are optimistic, positive, and open-minded. They are not hindered by the inactive debate of pros and cons of reality and tend to take to action.  They are fair and tolerant, endowed with a soft and moderate spirit. These positive personality characteristics make them have a grateful heart and is easier for them to get a stable and happy life! Pig babies often bring wealth to their families. If your family is doing business, the “Pig Baby” will be very helpful to their whole family and bring their endless blessings to their loved ones. The pig baby is highly compatible with tiger, goat, rabbit, and pig parents. If you have been trying to get pregnant with your partner for more than half a year without success – you should consult your doctor or come see ours. We have helped over 10,000 families start their families and would like to help you start yours.   Our center is equipped with the world’s top laboratory, caring international staff and procedure rooms. Our experienced doctor and professional team will provide you with personalized and thoughtful treatment plans.   Our success rates speak for themselves and have helped patients from over 22 countries and counting.  What are you waiting for?  Please contact us by calling 323-525-3377, or through WeChat (see below WeChat Barcode).




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