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Simon Hong, PhD, HCLD


Dr. Simon Hong is a globally renowned scientist and researcher, serving as the Laboratory Director for CHA Fertility Center since it was established in 2001. Dr. Hong was one of the lead researchers whom developed the advanced vitrification technique that is now the gold standard for cryopreservation used across modern IVF laboratories today.

His wealth of knowledge in andrology, embryology and cryobiology, combined with his research experience and obsessive drive for precision have allowed him to develop and master highly effective techniques. Specially trained with the CHA global organization, Dr. Hong has helped enable us to achieve our high success rates. His philosophy of lifelong learning, discipline and respect for the craft is evident in and out of the lab. Dr. Hong enjoys reading, daily calisthenics, curating collections and spending time with his wife of 22 years and their two children.

Doctorate Degree CHA University School of Medicine Molecular Development Biology
Thesis: Development of cryopreservation technique for human oocytes and blastocysts using vitrification method, and its clinical application to assisted reproductive technology (ART) program
Training Embryo Co-culture and Manipulation
Embryo Culture, In-vitro Maturation of Human Immature Oocytes
Cryopreservation of Embryos
Semen Analysis & Sperm Wash for IUI and IVF
Micromanipulation (ICSI, AH, Blastomere and TE Biopsy)
Visiting Scholar at Columbia University-NY Presbyterian Hospital
Certifications Certified High-complexity Clinical Laboratory Director (HCLD)
Certified Clinical Consultant
Professional Organizations American Board of Bioanalysis
American Society of Reproductive Medicine
European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology
Languages Korean

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