Fertility Treatments & Services Family Balancing – Sex/Gender Selection

There are a number of reasons a family may want to use sex selection (gender selection) to choose the sex of their baby. Reasons include:

  • Wanting to prevent a sex-linked genetic disease that most often is passed from the mother to male children or disorders that affects males more severely such as autism or Fragile X.
  • Psychological reasons that are also considered medical such as when families have lost a child and want another child of the same sex.
  • Non-medical reasons for elective sex selection such as a family with more children of one sex and wanting to balance the sexes with another child of the opposite sex, hence “family balancing”.

In addition to testing chromosomal abnormalities, Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) can identify the sex of the embryos with great accuracy. By identifying the embryo’s sex at this stage, parents-to-be can then choose which embryos to transfer to the uterus for implantation (pregnancy).

At CHA Fertility Center, we can offer referrals to mental health professionals in order to guide our patients through this sometimes emotionally difficult process.


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