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A gestational surrogate, now known as a “gestational carrier”, is a woman who agrees to be pregnant with the child of another woman who is incapable or does not desire to become pregnant using her own uterus or other types of intended parents such as a gay couple. The gestational carrier provides a host uterus to the embryo (with donated genetic material or not) of the intended parents and does not contribute genetic material (ovum).

Those who need gestational carriers include those whom:

  • Do not have a uterus (applies to hetero and gay couples as well as single men)
  • Have an abnormal uterine cavity
  • Have had several recurrent miscarriages
  • Have had recurrent failed IVF cycles
  • Have a medical reason for which pregnancy is inadvisable

For all 3rd party reproductive options where a third person is involved to create a baby, there are emotional, ethical and legal sensitivities that must be addressed. At CHA Fertility Center, we work with all our patients to find the right gestational carrier program that fits their needs.

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We at CHA Fertility Center also encourage and support those who are interested in speaking with a mental health professional for further support.


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